"No Problems," at Bisterfeldt's Swearing-In


Former Boise City Council Member Vern Bisterfeldt was sworn Monday morning as an Ada County Commissioner, a job he previously held from 1987-1999.

Also, on the commission is Sharon Ullman, whom Bisterfeldt had hired a private investigator to scrutinize.

Conflict between the two goes back to before Ullman was elected, when she used to testify frequently at meetings, eventually receiving a letter from Bisterfeldt and another then-Commissioner, Gay Glenn, restricting her testimony because her statements "offered no meaningful input to the public policy process."

Bisterfedlt refused to comment to Citydesk on the purpose of the investigation, saying only "I had a reason."

Though both commissioners told BW there was nothing wrong and pledged to work together, they also made sure to do so in their public statements during the swearing-in ceremony.

Ullman also told Citydesk that when she was first elected she was "blocked from doing her job," to the extent that she was not even allowed access to her own phone. Ullman said she would "make sure Bisterfeldt wasn't treated the way she was."

Let the games begin ...

UPDATE: Commissioner Ullman clarified that she was allowed access to her phone but not control over it, which prevented her ability to answer certain calls.