The Pressman Tweeteth


For a half-hour this morning, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, took and answered questions via Twitter in real-time as part of the Obama administration's efforts at access and transparency.

Questions came from a range of backgrounds, some of them genuine and some of them more of attacks than attempts to get information. None of the political answers came as much of a surprise, as they were primarily reiterations of subjects long-covered by Gibbs and President Barack Obama himself.

Perhaps more interesting were some of the aside tweets sent out. Gibbs apologized for not being to type faster, and sent and received advice on how to best use Twitter.

Occasionally, he misspelled to make things fit.

He also lamented to one questioner that he wasn't able to get out on his bike much due to the winter weather in between posting links to op-eds outlining positions deeper than 160 characters allows for.

Some of the conversations can be seen after the jump, including one about using periods to block or unblock tweets.

Ricardo Gutiérrez
@PressSec What's the White House stance on the incoming Congress-class efforts to repeal certain areas of Health Care Reform?

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@icaito we are opposed to repeal, doing so would end important protections like kids getting coverage despite a pre-existing condition

Orion Dauphin
@PressSec please rank high to low in administration's priority Re-Election, Unemployment, National Debt, Trade Deficit. Thanks! #1q

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@ObiOrion creating jobs, reducing debt and increasing exports (thus growing jobs) are all highest priority - re-elect is 2 yrs away

@PressSec Can POTUS @BarackObama get GOP to pass comprehensive education reform this year? Is that one of the top priorities?

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@afiab great q - this is an issue where Dems and GOP should be able to agree - read what Sec Duncan said today on this

@PressSec what are your plans for watching the BCS Championship game? #1Q
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Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@awnutts Going to Glendale to watch the game with some friends I grew up in Auburn with - WAR EAGLE

Darren Kinnaird
@PressSec how much time do you spend in the Oval vs. Your Office?

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@DKinAU I probably am in the Oval Office usually 3 or 4 times a day - most time though spent in my ofice

Jason Scheringer
@PressSec @PressSec #1q The Debt Ceiling: What happens if it isn't raised?

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@jscheringer Another great q - CEA chair Austan Goolsbee said defaulting would be catastrophic for the economy

escapetochengdu Jess Kutch
@PressSec What are the President's plans for relations with China is 2011?
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Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@escapetochengdu President Hu will visit WH in Januray - they must do something abt their currency - trade, N Korea and rights on agenda

PressSec Robert Gibbs (EOP)
Just an FYI, I'm replying directly to ?'s this time so it may not be showing up in your feed. You can see them all on my profile page.

.@PressSec If you put a period before the handle you are replying to, then all of us can see your answer and the question too. Like so.

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
.@sd56dfl thanks for the tip


Krystyna4u Krystyna
@PressSec The whole purpose for U to answr a Q by clicking on "reply" button is so that WE can also click "reply" & see the chain of Qs!

Robert Gibbs (EOP)
@Krystyna4u we are working on improving how this works - send suggestions to @macon44

Len Sassaman
@PressSec @Krystyna4u @macon44 A better suggestion: continue to reply with a ".", but retweet the question.