Got a Question for the White House?


White House Press Secretary
  • Image Courtesy of The Washington Times
  • White House Press Secretary
Wondering how Obama plans to deal with the new Congress? Curious about Afghan war policy? Need some help with your civics homework?

Well, why not ask White House Press Secratary, Robert Gibbs who will be taking questions today from, well... anyone.

Gibb's office sent out a tweet announcing that he will be responding to questions submitted via Twitter from 12:30-1 p.m. EST today. (That's 10:30-11 a.m. Boise time.)

The tweet read...

Starting @ 1230EST I'll be answering #twitter ?'s for ~30mins, which you can send by replying to me, @PressSec #1q

This is the not the first time the White House has opened the floor. A pilot program using blogs and Youtube was tested in 2009, resulting in over 100,000 questions being submitted for the President.

While due to sheer volume, President Obama clearly wasn't able to answer all of them, his answers can be seen here.