Idaho and 19 Other States Take Health-Care Fight to Florida


The legal scuffle over the Affordable Care Act isn't taking a holiday. The Obama administration and lawyers representing Idaho and 19 other states have shifted their debate to Florida.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in Pensacola heard arguments Monday from both sides on whether health-care reform exceeds legitimate federal power. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden joined Attorneys General from other states days after the legislation became law in March, arguing it burdens state budgets and unconstitutionally compels people to buy coverage. An individual mandate and expansion of Medicaid and employer-based coverage would extend health care to 32 million more people by 2019. Mandatory coverage would start in 2014.

If you're keeping score, the administration won prior rulings from federal judges in Detroit and Lynchburg, Virginia. However on Dec. 13, a federal judge in Richmond, Virginia, invalidated the mandatory coverage portion of the Affordable Care Act. Shortly after that decision, it was reported that Virginia judge may have had a financial interest to do so.