Public Utility Commission Approves Poop-to-Power Deal


In April, Idaho's Public Utilities Commission was being sued by a Magic Valley anaerobic digester developer.

Now, it's all smiles and handshakes.

The PUC approved an agreement between Idaho Power and AgPower Jerome, a cattle waste-to-power firm. Just eight months ago, AgPower filed suit against the PUC in the wake of reduced cost rates. That certainly got the commission's attention because in November, all parties agreed to come back to the table and craft a deal in which Idaho Power would purchase electricity from AgPower.

Under the terms announced Tuesday, AgPower will be paid about $80.05 per megawatt-hour. By the 20th year of the agreement, AgPower would be paid about $128.31 per MWh. The 4.5 megawatt anaerobic digester project is being built near Jerome.