Wolf and Ugrin Resign from Design Review Committee after JUMP Decision


Elizabeth Wolf and Greg Ugrin have resigned from their positions on the City of Boise Design Review Committee, effective Tuesday, Dec. 14.

“They no longer wanted to serve on the [committee] given the outcome from the JUMP hearing,” confirmed Sarah Schafer, Design Review and Historic Preservation manager at the City of Boise.

Wolf and Ugrin both voted against the Simplot Foundation’s Jack’s Urban Meeting Place project, which was ultimately denied by Design Review on Oct. 13.

At a Sept. 29 Design Review meeting, Wolf stated:

“The selected colors and materials on the exterior of the building are unfortunate for what is hoped to be a landmark building and are more suited to a children’s museum or water park.”

At the same meeting, Ugrin also weighed in:

“I love contemporary architecture, and you know that. If anything I want to see something like that happen here. What I’m seeing right now is that it is very aggressive.”

The City Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted on Dec. 13 to overturn Design Review’s 4-3 decision, on the grounds that the committee had overstepped its authority.

These two resignations could pose possible problems for Design Review moving into the new year.

“In order to continue on and be able to make quorum throughout, I would definitely need more members,” said Schafer. “Right now, I have enough members—as long as everybody shows up—to have hearings.”

By ordinance, the Design Review Committee should have eight members. It currently has five members, and four are needed for a quorum.

Design Review's next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2011 at 6 p.m., where it will consider the recently green-lighted Whole Foods project.