State Wolf Managment Plan on Hold


Now that wolves are back on the Endangered Species List, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has officially put its management plan on hold.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission announced that the state's wolf-management plan—developed when the species was removed from federal protection and approved by both the state legislature and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—has been suspended until such time that the state is once again in charge of managing wolves.

According to a Fish and Game press release, Commissioner Fred Trevey called the state management plan moot until the uncertainty over the status of the species is settled.

The Fish and Game Commission did call for the continuation of wolf population-control actions as allowed under the Endangered Species Act to conduct targeted population reductions when deemed necessary to protect ungulate herds.

The commission went on to state that it will reconsider the state management plan only after wolves are once again out of federal protection.