Idaho State Police Commander Says Travel Plans for Mega-loads Are "Best and Safest"


Anyone expecting absolutes from the Idaho Transportation Department might be disappointed.

"There is nothing that is 100 percent safe on the highway," testified Alan Frew, 25-year veteran of ITD. Frew oversees all-things vehicles for the department. He's the director of the DMV and some 240 employees. Frew was the latest witness at a contested case hearing concerning the ConocoPhillips mega-loads.

Frew said there would be nearly 80 turnouts along Highway 12, but the time between turnouts for snarled traffic would probably exceed 10 minutes and on occasion 15 minutes.

Frew said ITD showed travel plans to Idaho State Police Capt. Steve Richardson, regional commander for ISP.

"He said it was the best and safest plans he'd ever seen," said Frew.