Tamarack Homeowners Make Payments, Seek Approval to Restart Skiing


A court motion is being filed Friday seeking Idaho Bankruptcy Court approval of the operating plan which would see skiing return to Tamarack on Monday, Dec. 20.

The motion comes in the wake of more than $400,000 in lease funds made by the Tamarack homeowners association and resort lender Credit Suisse. The funds help meet settlement obligations approved earlier this week by the Idaho Land Board, which owns the property where the Valley County resort resides.


The payments confirm the State of Idaho's and Credit Suisse's participation in the resumption of skiing at Tamarack. The bankrupt resort shuttered its ski facilities in March 2009.

"It's time to join with Idaho officials and present a unified message of support for returning economic development to Valley County," said Doug Dvorak, chairman of the Tamarack Municipal Association, a non-profit comprised of homeowners.