Article 32 Hearing Today for Boise Soldier


Twenty-year-old Andrew Holmes had always hoped to attend college and become a golf course manager someday. This morning, the Army Private from Boise will be led into a courtroom at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, outside of Seattle, where he will face charges of murdering Afghan civilians.

An Article 32 is a pre-trial proceeding overseen by a military judge to determine if evidence warrants a court martial. Holmes is one of five soldiers accused of atrocities, alleging murder, conspiracy and possessing body parts from victims. Seven other soldiers, all from the same company are implicated in charges of possessing photographs and body parts of the victims, covering up the crimes, threatening potential whistleblowers, as well as other crimes, including drug use. In all, 12 soldiers face 76 charges.

Prosecutors are expected to paint a picture of an Army "kill team" comprised of the soldiers while stationed in Afghanistan's Kandahar province earlier this year.

Citydesk is at Joint Base Lewis-McChord this morning to report on today's hearing. We'll have reports through the day on Monday, and full details in this week's edition of BW.