With Snow in the Forecast, Tamarack Homeowners Get Some Really Good News


Last week, BW told you about the Tamarack Municipal Association, a non-profit group of homeowners who live near the shuttered Valley County resort. TMA was crafting what they called a "let's get open" budget to kick-start a ski season beginning Dec. 20. Ski lifts haven't budged at Tamarack since March 2009.


TMA officials said they had written agreements from creditors and debtor-in-possession J.P. Boespflug (the resort's controversial owner) to use Tamarack assets such as the lifts and equipment. But a major roadblock was the land that the resort sits on. The Idaho Land Board controls the lease of the property, which is currently in default.

"We just don't want them to kick us off the mountain," said Dr. Michael Carey, Tamarack homeowner, and member of the TMA executive committee.

Late Monday, Carey said a tentative agreement had been reached which will allow the ski season to become reality. Carey told Citydesk that the operations should generate 75 jobs through the holiday season, with 65 employees staying on through early April.