Minnick Featured in NPR Report, but Refuses Taped Interview


Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick got some national coverage on NPR Monday, the kind of coverage he'd probably rather not have in the middle of a re-election effort.

NPR and The Center for Public Integrity partnered to report on members of Congress who voted against the economic stimulus bill in 2009, yet "try the back door for earmarks."

Here's part of the report:

This year, conservative Democrat Walt Minnick of Idaho—one of seven Democrats to vote against the stimulus bill—is running ads touting his opposition.

"I've had to say 'no' far more than I've said 'yes.' I've said 'no' to government spending," he says in them.

But Minnick wrote the Commerce Department at least three times lobbying for stimulus funds for broadband projects.

NPR reports that Minnick would not agree to a taped interview on the subject, but staff issued a written statement "defending the right to aid constituents who ask for help."

You can read or hear the full report here.