Rare Virus Kills Koi, Boise Ponds to be Drained at Depot


Seven ponds at the Platt Gardens near the Boise Depot will be drained and disinfected Tuesday night.

The cleanup comes in the wake of the breakout of a rare virus which has killed at least 80 koi fish. Boise Parks and Recreation manager Brian Jorgenson told Citydesk that the fish started dying three weeks ago, and lab tests confirmed the presence of the koi herpes virus or KHV.


"Unfortunately any remaining koi would be carriers of the virus," said Jorgenson. "So sometime Tuesday night, we'll need to euthanize the remaining fish."

Jorgenson said the virus was probably introduced by household goldfish that people had illegally dumpted into the ponds. The cleanup project, which Jorgenson said could take a week to 10 days, will cost the city of Boise about $10,000.

Jorgenson said members of the Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society have already committed to restocking the ponds.

"We'll have those conversations with the group once the cleanup has completed," Jorgenson said.