Comment Period Ending on Proposed 300-mile High-voltage Line


After nearly 10 years in planning, scores of public hearings and work sessions, and the creation of groups like Stop Idaho Power, Move Idaho Power and Protect Canyon County, the public comment period on a proposed 300-mile high-voltage line is coming down to just a few days remaining.

The Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Project—B2H—would pass through public and private lands, and has generated concern about agri-business, wildlife and scenic views. If approved, B2H would become the largest power line the Northwest has seen in 20 years.

Idaho Power says B2H would reduce constraints n the Northwest's transmission system as demand for energy continues to grow. But for the last two years, grass-roots activism spread through tweets, blogs and flyers in communities from Melba to Boardman, Ore.

Idaho Power's application to build the controversial line must be approved by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Facility Siting Council. But public comment on the proposal formally ends on Monday, Sept. 27. Comments can be submitted through a shared project website,