Hwy. 12 Shipments Gain National News Attention


A local story that's been getting plenty of attention in Idaho gained some national news traction in the Los Angeles Times today.

Times' reporter Kim Murphy filed a story from Kooskia on residents' objections to plans by oil giants ConocoPhilips and Exxon/Mobile to move huge shipments of equipment through Idaho to Canada along scenic byway Highway 12.

From Lewiston Port Manager David Doeringsfeld:

"Logistics firms have discovered that Highway 12 is the only route on the West Coast on which you can get oversize cargoes into the interior of the U.S. where there are no height restrictions due to [overhead] structures."

And from Advocates for the West's Laird Lucas:

"We're transforming a wild and scenic byway into a major industrial corridor without even telling anybody."

Read Murphy's full story.