High Gas Prices, Low Number of Collisions


With a healthy share of Treasure Valley sports fans heading to the nation's capital this weekend, AAA reports air travel is expected to account for 5 percent of the holiday traffic. The auto club is predicting a 10 percent bump in Labor Day travel compared to last year, with more than 34 million Americans expected to travel more than 50 miles behind the wheel.

It's no surprise to Idahoans that prices at the pump remain high. What is surprising is that Idaho has the fifth-highest prices in the country, behind Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington and Oregon. A gallon of unleaded gas is averaging $2.99 in Idaho compared with a national average of $2.68.

Softening the blow, somewhat, is news that Boise is one of the safest driving cities in the United States. The Allstate Insurance Company released its sixth annual "America's Best Drivers Report," citing Boise as the third-safest in the nation. Boise trails only Fort Collins, Colo. and Chattanooga, Tenn. According to Allstate, the likelihood of a Boise driver being involved in a collision is 22.3 percent less than the national average. Allstate also reports that Boise drivers average 12.9 years between collisions.