Boise State, CWI Mull Funding for Public Transit


A decision is expected by Wednesday, Sept. 1, on funding for Route 45, the popular Boise State Express operated by Valley Regional Transit. Currently, VRT runs six round-trips daily between Boise State and College of Western Idaho's Nampa campus. Both institutions provide a funding match for the route. VRT officials said if the schools come in at 2010 funding levels, at least one trip will be lost.

Public comments about other route changes have altered VRT's plan to cut services. Originally, a number of routes were to be cut at the beginning and end of the day. But public comment sent transportation planners back to the whiteboard where they decided to spread cuts throughout the day.

For example, Route 40, better known as the Nampa Meridian Express was originally slated to see its 5:25 a.m. route slashed, but medical professionals voiced their opposition and the route was saved. However, VRT officials say effective Monday, Oct. 4, at least four routes on the Nampa/Caldwell fixed-line service and two routes of intercounty service will be eliminated.

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