Final Decision Could Come Today on Boise Trolley Tours


A decision is expected sometime Friday, Aug. 27, on the fate of the controversial operator of the Boise Trolley Tours. City of Boise spokesman Adam Park told Citydesk that Parks and Recreation Director Jim Hall should decide whether to enforce a revocation of the lease, due to reports of abusive language toward customers and Julia Davis Park patrons.

City officials sent warning letters to Debra Miller in 2009, and again this summer following complaints about her being rude and aggressive toward park users. In July, the city issued a lease revocation effective Friday, Oct. 1. But the complaints kept coming in, so they sent another revocation, effective Aug. 18, but wanted to give Miller opportunity to respond. And she has. Below is her letter, sent Tuesday, Aug. 27.



When the city hands down its decision, Citydesk will let you know.