Read Conoco's Appeal to Supreme Court on Pending Oil Shipments


Sources tell Citydesk that it would need to be an "emergency" or "extraordinary circumstances" for the Idaho Supreme Court to alter its schedule to shoe-horn an appeal by ConocoPhillips into its tight schedule.

Citydesk has obtained a copy of the appeal filed with the high court, contesting 2nd District Judge John Bradbury's ruling to halt Conoco's plans to haul four massive loads of oil equipment across Central Idaho. Bradbury cited the plan's desire to delay traffic up to 15 minutes when state regulations prohibit anything longer than 10 minutes.

But a quick review of the State Supreme Court calendar indicates a packed schedule through December, with 35-40 pending cases. In addition to the appeal, Conoco is also expected to file a motion to "expedite" the process. Unlike many other states, Idaho's Supreme Court is required to hear every appeal or assign the case to the Appellate Court.

You can read the full appeal below.