Wind Made for Busy Night for Emergency Dispatchers


The freakish wind storm on Aug. 21 meant a whole lot of people across the valley had their hands full dealing with the damage from 70-plus mph wind gusts, but no one was busier than the crew manning the phones at the emergency dispatch center.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office announced that in just six hours after the winds hit, they answered more than five times the record number of emergency calls in a single night—773 in all.

Check out the stats the Sheriff's Office just released.

Typical Saturday night: 139 calls in six hours.

Saturday, Aug. 21:
9-10 p.m.: 277 calls
10-11 p.m.: 277 calls
11-midnight: 86 calls
midnight-3 a.m.: 133 calls
Total: 773 calls

Reports of storm damage keep rolling in, including numerous upended trees, smashed roofs, fires and trampolines sent flying. Boise County Sheriff's Office officials also identified the man killed by a falling branch while camping as 45-year-old Alex Chris Humphries of Boise.

BW's own Amy Atkins took her trusty iPhone with her as she surveyed the damage on the Bench, including some disturbing damage at the Morris Hill Cemetery after she survived her own harrowing experience at the Western Idaho Fair.