Boise Auto Dealer Agrees to Settlement in Alleged Rebate Deception


Dennis Dillon Auto has agreed to $150,000 in restitution and legal fees for allegedly violating dealer rebate rules.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden identified dozens of customers who bought cars from the dealer, as part of a "cash rewards program."

Consumers complained after receiving ads promising cash rewards following the purchase or lease of a new car from Dennis Dillon Auto Park. However, the consumers learned that they would not receive the rebate for three years, and in order to qualify they were required to submit personal and financial information.

The dealer and an Ohio marketing firm agreed to pay $130,000 in restitution to 57 consumers. The dealer and marketing firm must also reimburse the AG's office for legal fees and litigation expenses.

Wasden said he was appreciative of the dealership and marketing firm in working with his office for a fair resolution and urged "all Idaho businesses to be way of time-deferred rebate programs."

The entire complain from the Attorney General's office can be read at