Nampa Classical Academy Loses Appeal, Will Close


Right about 3 p.m., Aug. 17, 2010, the Idaho State Board of Eduction put the question to the Nampa Classical Academy:

"Please address the issue of trust and how anyone can trust you going forward."

Less than two hours later, unable to convince the majority of the board that they could be trusted, officials with NCA saw its charter revocation upheld, thus ending all state funding for the school and putting an end to a tumultuous year.

In September 2009, NCA opened its doors to 500 students, instantly becoming one of the largest charter schools in Idaho. In a matter of months, its controversial proposal to introduce the Bible and religious texts into the classroom was challenged. Then the state charter commission questioned credentials of some of the schools top administrators. Ultimately NCA's financial instability was blamed for a revocation of the school's charter.

The school immediately appealed to the State Board of Education, but Tuesday by a 4-3 vote, NCA's appeal was denied. The decision will close the school.

Voting to deny the appeal were board members Emma Atchley, Kenneth Edmunds, Don Soltman and Richard Westerberg. Siding with the charter school and voting to uphold the appeal were Rod Lewis, Milford Terrell and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna.