Boise State Public Radio Shows Interest in Selling AM Frequency


Boise State University is requesting the permission of the State Board of Education to sell Boise State Public Radio's AM radio frequency license using a broker during the second day of monthly meetings Thursday in Pocatello.

The local NPR affiliate currently operates 91.5 FM, 90.3 FM and 730 AM. Because of poor AM signal quality and the advent of high definition FM radio technologies, the station has determined they no longer need the AM frequency. The University would like to hire a professional broker to sell the radio frequency license, but they need the State Board of Education’s permission to do so because the university holds licenses to the frequencies in the name of the State Board of Education. There have already been conversations with Media Services Group in Logan, Utah and William A. Exline Incorporated of San Francisco about assisting with the sale and transferring the FCC license to a new owner.