Minnick Votes Yes; Simpson No on $26 billion for Schools and States


Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick voted yes—along with much of his party—to pass a $26 billion jobs bill. The U.S. House approved the measure Tuesday afternoon 247 to 161. Republican Rep. Mike Simpson, with much of his party, voted no.

The House was called back to the nation's Capitol to approve the bill, which is geared to prevent large-scale layoffs of teachers and public employees. Supporters noted that the $26 billion would not be added to the deficit, with its costs offset by closing a tax loophole on companies that do business overseas as well as by making future cuts in food stamp spending.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Idaho is estimated to receive $51 million in Medicaid assistance and another $52 million for schools.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the measure into law by Tuesday evening.