More Idaho Workers' Personal Data Missing


Mercer is a global human resources conglomerate with more than 19,000 employees. As part of its mission statement, Mercer says it "helps the world's leading companies meet their most critical business challenges."

Only trouble is, it appears Mercer has created more challenges than it has solved. Just ask the thousands of Idahoans who discovered that their personal data went missing when a courier hired by Mercer mysteriously lost a confidential tape.

More than 300 past and present employees of the city of Boise are the latest victims. They join thousands of workers at St. Luke's Health System and Idaho Power. All three employers are contracted with Mercer to help manage and secure computer service backup tapes.

According to a spokesman for Mercer, a courier was taking a tape from Boise to a storage facility in Seattle sometime in March. Mercer says the courier made the trip, but the tape was a no-show.

The tape contained names, addresses, birthdays and Social Security numbers of employees covered by medical plans from 2004 through 2006.