Minnick Wants Public Input, Congressional Oversight into Highway 12 Shipments


If you've been following BW's reporting on the proposal to ship hundreds of massive shipments across U.S. Highway 12, you know that there have been many more questions than answers.

Tuesday, Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick forwarded to Citydesk a letter that he has sent to Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter. In it, Minnick calls for a halt to the decision-making process "until the proposed route has been fully vetted with the public."

Minnick included a litany of unanswered questions including, "What will be the duration of highway closures?" "What will be the economic impact?" and "What are the estimates of damage to highway infrastructure?"

Minnick called for a "widely advertised public hearing" and analysis and comment from Idaho's Congressional delegation.