Mr. Labrador Goes to Washington ... for Money


Raul Labrador embraces the role of "outsider" in his campaign for Idaho's First Congressional seat. But tomorrow (Thursday, July 29), Labrador is going inside ... way inside. Thursday morning, Labrador will be rubbing elbows with Washington, D.C.'s GOP elite in a fundraiser at the swanky Capitol Hill Club.

Idaho Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, and Rep. Mike Simpson will be hosting the breakfast fundraiser. Members of the host committee are expected to contribute $2,500 to the Labrador campaign. Some political action committees will kick in $1,000 and Thursday attendees will pay $500 for the meet and greet. That's one expensive cup of coffee.

Citydesk spoke to Crapo about the event. When we asked why Labrador would make a better Congressman than the Democratic incumbent, Crapo didn't even mention Rep. Walt Minnick by name. But he did mention Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—four times.

"I support Raul, because we need to change the leadership of the House," said Crapo. "Nancy Pelosi has been the wrong leader at the wrong time. In my opinion the whole question comes down to who Idaho's representative will vote for Speaker."

Before Thursday's event, the Minnick campaign had more than $1 million in its warchest; Labrador counted under $100,000.