Idaho on Life Support for Policies to Prevent Cancer


Idaho is one of a handful of states falling miserably short on legislative solutions to prevent and fight cancer, according to a new report released on Wednesday, July 28 by the American Cancer Society's Action Network.

The new report, How Do you Measure Up? finds that Idaho and six other states, did not meet the benchmark on any of six legislative priority areas. The report provides a blueprint for six priority areas: breast and cervical cancer early detection program funding; access to care for the uninsured; colorectal screening coverage laws; smoke-free laws; tobacco prevention program funding; and tobacco taxes.

State-by-state details of the report are available at:

"The most effective solutions will save countless lives and potentially millions of dollars in health-care costs, and in many cases, it costs a state little or nothing to do the right thing," said Robert Youle, cancer survivor and chair of the ACS CAN board of directors.