Talking Locovore ... Eating Locovore


Eating local was on the menu of Tuesday's City Club of Boise, both literally and figuratively.

Guest speakers were Dave Krick, owner of Red Feather Lounge and Bittercreek Ale House, and Janie Burns of Meadowlark Farm, but the featured attraction was the food. City Club organizers crafted a completely local menu with the staff of the Grove Hotel, including: organic greens, summer succotash, herbed barley risotto, idaho russet mashed potatoes, pan seared Idaho trout, huckleberry braised short ribs and mixed berry shortcake. The longest and loudest applause of the afternoon was reserved for the Grove's Executive Chef Christopher Hain.

During the dialogue, Krick promoted the "20 in 20" campaign, which would see 20 percent of locally consumed food come from the local food system. "One in three trucks on our local roadways is hauling food," said Krick. "And most of it is heading outside our region. At the same time about 95 percent of our food is being brought here from somewhere else."

Burns also promoted 2011 as the year of Idaho food. "We hope to have one particular day, hopefully next September which will be Idaho Food Day. Imagine one day where you know where at least one item on your plate has come from."

Burns also promoted growing organically. "Organic food is what my grandparents used to call food," said Burns.