Bryan Fischer Featured in New York Times


Bryan Fischer's self-promotion machine has landed him in today's New York Times. Fischer, former executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, now spends his days in front of a microphone for a neo-conservative Christian organization in Tupelo, Miss.

The Times article ironically features a group of influential evangelicals who are championing President Barack Obama's plan to overhaul immigration, including a path to legalization for illegal immigrants already in the United States.

But there's Fischer, in the featured photo, framed by a multi-media wall with images of the White House, the American flag and the Bible. Fischer comes out in clear opposition to his Christian brethren.

"What my evangelical friends are arguing is that illegal aliens should essentially be rewarded for breaking the law. I think it's extremely problematic from a Judeo-Christian standpoint to grant citizenship to people whose first act on American soil was to break an American law."

But Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, says "I am a Christian and I am as conservative and I am a Republican, in that order. There is very little I agree with regarding President Barack Obama. On the other hand, I'm not going to let politicized rhetoric or party affiliation trump my values, and if he's right on this issue, I will support him on this issue."