Allred Reacts to Otter's Budget Message


Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Keith Allred is weighing in on Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's self-congratulating on the 2010 budget.

Earlier Tuesday, Otter said the figures "reaffirm the necessity of the actions we took and represent careful, prudent stewardship of our taxpayers' money."

Allred labels Otter as "the first (Idaho) governor to cut funding to our schools. At a time when Idahoans are trying to dig themselves out of this economy, Otter has his head stuck in the past, and our kids are paying for it."

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, from Star, fired his own salvo Tuesday: "Today's budget numbers confirm that the Democrats were wrong. If left unchecked, they would have spent us into financial ruin."

The State Controller's Office reported that an $8.26 million transfer from the Permanent Building Fund to the General Fund will be required to ensure that Idaho's budget for the fiscal year 2010 remains balanced.