A Tough Week for Boise Cyclists ... and It's Wednesday


So far, 2010 had been relatively quiet in the number of accidents involving cars and bicyclists ... that is until this week.

Just last summer three cyclists died on Boise streets. Jim Chu, Thomas Bettger and Kevin Pavlis were hit and killed by vehicles in a matter of weeks. In that shadow, a 10-member Boise Cycling Safety Task Force led to new city ordinance to increase safety for cyclists—including requiring cars to give bikes a 3-foot buffer when passing and making harassment by motorists a crime.

On Monday, July 5, a Boise man was charged with striking a cyclist with his car and fleeing the scene of the accident at the intersection of Boise and Broadway. The cyclist suffered non life-threatening injuries.
Tuesday night, a Boise woman was charged with failing to yield and not having insurance. Police say the woman's minivan struck a cyclist at Orchard and Irving. The cyclist sustained serious injuries, including a broken leg.