Idaho Jobless Rate Dips to 8.8 Percent


Shadowing the nation's slooooowwww recovery, 66,700 Idahoans were officially classified as unemployed for June. That represents 8.8 percent of the civilian workforce. That's down from last month's 9 percent, but higher than June of 2009, when it was 7.9 percent.

It's a slight decline, but Idaho's Department of Labor reports the termination of extended jobless benefits apparently led to hundreds of workers becoming discouraged and dropping out of the labor force. Idaho saw 4,400 unemployed lose their benefits in the first week of June because Congress had not renewed the program. Idaho's entire congressional delegation voted against the extension. New hiring was 8 percent below June 2009 marking the weakest June on record.

In the Treasure Valley, unemployment dipped to 9.7 percent (from 10.1 percent in May).

Earlier on Friday, July 2, the U.S. Labor Department reported a national unemployment rate of 9.5 percent (down from 9.7 percent in May)