The Ford-BP Connection


The oil that has now spewed for 72 days from a ruptured well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico has hit the 140-million-gallon mark. That eclipses a previous record spill off Mexico's coast in 1979. Even by the lower end of government estimates, at least 71 million gallons remain in the Gulf.

Why is the number so important? "BP Oil is likely to be fined per gallon spilled," says Larry McKinney, director of Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi's Gulf of Mexico research institute.

Meanwhile, a reader stopped by BWHQ to show us this interesting item.


It's nothing new, but it's something you don't hear much about. Back in July 2005, Ford started recommending that owners of its vehicles use fuel from BP. At the time, Ford was trying to hitch its marketing wagon to a petrochemical company that was trying to appear "green." You can't recall gas caps, can you?