Do You Want the Bad News First or the Good News?


First, the good news: Idaho State Police report that the overall crime rate of what they call Group "A" offenses (crimes against persons, society or property) dropped in 2009 by 3.6 percent.

Boise dropped 3.4 percent; Caldwell dropped 16.7 percent; Garden City went down 4.1 percent; Hailey dropped 31.0 percent; McCall dropped 5.7 percent; and Nampa went down 14.9 percent.

Ready for the bad news? In 2009, Idaho violent crime offenses (assault, rape, robbery, murder) jumped 6.9 percent. More than half were committed against female victims and 23 percent were committed against victims under the age of 18.

The "top five" violent crime locations: residence, highway/road, bar, parking lot, and in a field or woods.

Hate Crime in Idaho is also on the rise. It's up 16.7 percent. Think northern Idaho leads the state? Think again. In 2009, Nampa police reported the most incidents with a total of 10. As a matter of fact, three times as many incidents were reported below Idaho's 45th parallel than above. Blacks were targeted the most, followed closely by Hispanics. Twenty-three percent of hate crime incidents were committed by multiple offenders.

Finally, take a look at the clock. In 2009, a crime against a person occurred every 27 minutes.
The full report is available on the Idaho State Police website.