Mountain Home Soldier Gets Six Months In Brig for Child Endangerment


The stepfather of a 5 year old who accidentally shot a Mountain Home high schooler was convicted by court-martial for reckless endangerment of a child.

Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Harman, of the 366th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, was sentenced to six months in confinement and forefeiture of $3,000 pay, after being found guilty of wrongfully and recklessly causing a loaded firearm to be unsecured and accessible to a child.

Prosecutors say Harman left a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic pistol next to his mattress the morning of the shooting. Prosecutors say later that morning, Harman's stepson found the gun, and while playing in his yard, accidentally shot the teenager who was walking nearby.

Elmore County law enforcement turned the case over to military authorities, who prosecuted Harman under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Prosecutors said "the fact that SSgt. Harman had observed his stepson climbing on top of cabinets to reach that loaded handgun on top of the refrigerator just three days prior to the shooting, highlighted Harman's recklessness and disregard for basic firearms safety."

Harman is expected to be transferred to a Department of Defense regional confinement facility within the next two weeks.