From Idaho To West Virginia, With Hate


The small town of Falling Waters, West Virginia, is talking about flyers from white supremacists who say Idaho is their home-base.

The flyers contain the address of the Aryan Nations national headquarters in Athol, Idaho. The pamphlets, found attached to small orange bags filled with gravel, started appearing yesterday morning in the small town near the Maryland state line.

The flyers also reference the Maryland chapter of the Aryan Nations. The Journal newspaper of Martinsburg, WV, reported that a local woman called a representative of the Aryan Nations' Maryland chapter and was told there were more than 200 people from the Aryan Nations distributing flyers in the area Monday night. The Journal published photos of the flyers in today's edition.

Aryan Nation Flyer Discovered in WV
  • The Journal, Martinsburg, WV
  • Aryan Nation Flyer Discovered in WV