World Cup of Coffee


Eggs, bacon, coffee, Guinness, and a side order of World Cup soccer. There was a full house this morning at the Ha'Penny Bridge Pub in downtown Boise. They opened the doors at 7 a.m. and soccer enthusiasts from across the Treasure Valley piled in. The usual breakfast fare was on the menu, and yes, they served beer before 10 a.m.


Close to 100 folks were at Ha'Penny watching USA play Algeria in an attempt to advance to the next round of the tournament in South Africa. They were also keeping another eye on the match between England and Slovenia

These photos were taken as the USA was tied with Algeria 0-0 in the second half. England had taken the lead over Slovenia, also in the second half.
Team USA needed a win or a tie to advance, and thanks to a drive down field by midfielder Landon Donovan, Team USA took the match 1-0 against Algeria.
The English chaps will also advance after leading Slovenia by a single point to win.