Boise Woman on Flotilla in Gaza


Boise State graduate Fatima Mohammadi is among those still unaccounted for in the Israeli raid on a flotilla in international waters Monday.

CNN reports that Israeli soldiers fatally shot at least 9 activists—though some estimates put it at 16—aboard a ship carrying humanitarian goods to Gaza, a practice allowed under Israeli law.

Former BW photographer Lama Nasser sent Boise Weekly several posts Mohammadi made to Facebook and e-mail updates about her trip. Describing the mission, Mohammadi wrote:

The cargo includes prefabricated homes and playgrounds, cement and other home-building supplies, medical devices and medications, textiles and food.

Israel's open threats to the safety and mission of the convoy have been supplemented by vague and unreliable promise. If denied entry, the aid and volunteers are prepared to wait in International waters for as long as necessary ...

It is imperative to reiterate that this is an unarmed humanitarian aid convoy carrying the better part of one thousand volunteers from 1½ years of age to 88 years of age, from more than 30 countries. We have the official support of the governments of France, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Italy and the European Union. Unfortunately, my own country is not on that list ... the United States. As they are a stall-worth [sic] supporter of Israel, that is hardly surprising.