Idaho Successful Candidates Average 1.9 Teabags


Successful candidates in Idaho's statewide and Ada County Commission races rank a mere 1.9 teabags, on average, in Boise Weekly's Creative Commons teabag rating system.

To refresh:

Candidates received one teabag for each of the following:
1. Not answering Electionland questions, thus spurning both voters and the liberal media.
2. Talking about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution or God too much.
3. Attending "official" Tea Party events.
4. Complaining that government services are socialist.
5. Getting an actual Tea Party endorsement.
6. Winning BW's teabagger bonus option.

Adding up the winning statewide and two Ada Commish teabag totals yields an average of only 1.9 bags. Still, conservative candidates did affect the Idaho primary, with Rex Rammell and Chick Heileson (5-baggers) getting a quarter of the vote in the races for governor and the Second Congressional District, and four or five moderate Repubs getting ousted from legislative seats, particularly in the Senate.

The conservative wing of the GOP made a concerted effort in some of those Senate districts, according to Lucas Baumbach, producer of the now-famous Obama-Ward mashup vid.

"If you've got the house and the Senate, you don't need the governor," Baumbach told Citydesk yesterday.

But Republicans stood together on the Statehouse steps on the morning after the election, asking for on unity in the general election. Vaughn Ward, who lost his chance to take on Idaho's lone Democrat in Congress to Raul Labrador, showed up and declared his support for Labrador, if a bit reluctantly.

"I said I would and I do," Ward said.

Here's Ward's reaction and Labrador's predictions from non-mashed footage from May 26.

Idaho First Congressional District GOP candidate Vaughn Ward will take on Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick in November.

Losing First Congressional District of Idaho candidate Vaughn Ward addresses press gaggle on his loss to Raul Labrador.