The Sarah Palin Camp of the Idaho Republican Party


Steven Pankey
  • Steven Pankey
Here's a new one. We've seen Reagan Republicans for years and a rise of Ron Paul Republicans in the last two years. Now at least one Idaho candidate is calling himself a Sarah Palin Republican.

Steven Pankey, a GOP candidate for Lieutenant Governor, tells citydesk: "I guess I’m kind of in the Sarah Palin camp."

For Pankey, that means being pro-second and tenth amendments, pro-homeschooling and pro-life. But it also means fighting big business. Pankey calls himself, "blatantly anti-Walmart." Pankey is also a born-again Christian who ran for Lincoln County sheriff in 2008 under the Christian right Constitution Party.

Pankey, who owns rental properties in Shoshone, considered running for governor this year, but was impressed with Butch Otter's aggressive action to oppose Obama health-care reform. So he decided to challenge Lt. Gov. Brad Little instead.

Marine Joshua Blessinger is also running in the GOP primary on May 25.

You can ask them about the new Sarah Palin channel (or anything you like) at BW Questionland.