And Pete Peterson Swings By With a Thong


Mondays are always busy, but Citydesk's virtual head is spinning after GOP gubernatorial candidate Pete Peterson came by to show off his latest campaign paraphernalia: a Beat Butch thong.

You can get your own soon at, in many different sizes.

Orange means caution.
  • Orange means caution.

Peterson missed his primary opponent Walt Bayes by about an hour. The two have never met, but Bayes might have some advice for Peterson. Like he told us: "If two people get married, read the Bible and do what it says."

Pete, on the other hand, has an annual divorce celebration and an estranged son, though he said several of his grandkids live in the area. He expects his son to come find him should he be elected governor of Idaho. He slept through his alarm last night, which was set for midnight in anticipation of a campaign-related trip to The Torch, like any good Republican.

Pete has a strong debate plan for the Idaho Public Television debates, but he swore us to secrecy. He's also looking for a model for his campaign thong (thankfully, he's not sporting them himself ... if you want to help out, we'd be happy to put you in touch with the candidate).

We hit Pete up for Electionland as well, and he at first refused (he said he also refused to meet with the Idaho Statesman). But when we told him it was a virtual free-for-all and right up his alley, he agreed to check it out. You should too.