District 19 Filing Drama


As candidate filing closes, it looks like nearly everybody who's ever considered becoming an elected official has checked in with the Idaho Secretary of State's Office.

The list includes 11 candidates for governor, including incumbent C.L. "Butch" Otter, four candidates for state senator, eight for the first Congressional District, and six for the second.

Boise's North End and parts of downtown—District 19—has seen a good dose of drama as well. Initially, Sen. Nicole LeFavour announced that she would run for the House seat soon-to-be vacated by retiring Rep. Anne Pasley-Stuart. LeFavour served in the House prior to this, her first Senate term.

However, Pasley-Stuart decided to run for LeFavour's Senate seat, essentially flip-flopping their positions.

"The Senate looked right for me" said Pasley-Stuart. "It's a little more deliberative, and a little more moderate, and I'm a little more deliberative, a little more moderate."

But LeFavour decided to stay in the Senate, after Pasley-Stuard filed.

"We had a little miscommunication," said LeFavour. "Anne had said she was going to retire. I ultimately decided to stay."

Pasley-Stuart, rather than running against fellow Democrat LeFavour, decided to retire after all. So why'd LeFavour choose to stick with the Senate?

"Our Senate caucus is so small, and they've had a lot of turnover, and I'm just starting to get a handle on JFAC, and I couldn't do that in the House," she said. "I think it's important that I stay there."

In regards to Anne, LeFavour said: "She's really the only one who focuses on state employees' issues. She will be sorely missed."

Rep. Pasley-Stuart reaffirmed that there was no animus between the two.

"[LeFavour] is a great senator. We've worked together before we were even legislators. I would never run against her," she said.

While Pasley-Stuart will no longer be a fixture at the Capitol, she does plan to participate actively in the community.

"I plan on working with the Allred campaign [for Governor] as a super-volunteer. I'm going to be doing some teaching, at a—we'll just say at one of the local universities. I'm going to be taking the LSAT exam and obtain my law degree at Concordia University. I want to serve on a lot of community boards, citizen groups," she said.

On her time at the legislature, she commented: "I hope that I did it very well. I will miss the people, but not the process. I have a great family, and they're just euphoric about this, having more time to spend with them."

The vacated House seat in District 19 is now up for grabs, and five candidates have filed for it, four Democrats and one Republican:

Cherie Buckner-Webb, David Cadwell, J. Dallas Gudgell and Jim Philpott will vie for a chance to face Republican Jim Morland in November in the state's strongest Democratic district.

Of the four Democrats, Pasley-Stuart said both Buckner-Webb and Cadwell have contacted her. She's very excited about the primary.

LeFavour faces Republican Debra S. Miller for her seat, and Rep. Brian Cronin faces Republican John Magnan.