Boise Aquires Hammer Flat


Hammer Flat, above the cliffs along Highway 21.
  • Pete White
  • Hammer Flat, above the cliffs along Highway 21.

The Boise City Council agreed today to use $4.1 million in Foothills Levy funds to purchase the 701-acre Hammer Flat parcel on critical wildlife habitat on the outskirts of Boise. Since 2007, the parcel, which is in Ada County, has been slated for a 1,350 unit planned community called The Cliffs. Boise's purchase of the property protects it from development.

"Of all the incredible land acquisitions made through the Foothills serial levy, this is the most significant. By putting this land into public hands, we will protect it and the wildlife it supports for generations to come," said Mayor Dave Bieter.

Hammer Flat lies just south of the 19,000-acre Boise River Wildlife Management Area, which is managed as critical winter grounds by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The temperate plateau is home to herds of mule deer, elk and antelope.

A group called Save the Plateau formed to fight The Cliffs development and has a ton of information about the area posted on its Web site. Tony Jones, who led that effort, said he was very happy with the city's efforts to save Hammer Flat.