Buy Idaho, Unda' the Rotunda


When venturing out of the press room on the Garden Level, you never know what you'll run into on the upper floors of the Capitol. Sometimes it's a gaggle of kindergartners, hands clasped together around the imported mosaic. Sometimes it's an onslaught of home-schooled children showcasing the fruits of their labor.


Today, lawmakers and lobbyists were inundated with a trade show from the "Buy Idaho" and "Idaho Preferred" folks. The governor's push with this program has included commercials and a special "Buy Idaho" logo for businesses that keep it in the state, and today was the showcase for a host of Idaho commercial enterprises.


Just touring around the building, I chatted with a woman working with blueberry fudge, a new concoction from the company "Dorothy" here in Boise. I talked with a man about the new Idaho Driver's licenses slated for 2010, saw a contraption that changed a regular motorcycle into something akin to a snowmobile, and other knickknacks.


Passing a massage table, I spotted a radio reporter getting his nerves worked on. That tax exemption on services is probably feelin' real gooood right about now ....