Dems Reportedly Back Allred for Governor

by broke the story yesterday that Idaho Democrats are looking at Keith Allred, an academic and mediation consultant who has made a name for himself in Idaho political spheres through a non-partisan think tank called The Common Interest, as a likely candidate for governor.

The Spokesman Review's Eye on Boise has confirmed with Betty Richardson, who has headed up the Democrat's search committee, that Allred is the guy, though he had not filed preliminary papers as of this morning.

The Common Interest has been at the center of legislative battles over road funding, alcohol taxes and, get this, Idaho's party registration battles and open primaries:

"The driving motivation for the founding and growth of the The Common Interest is a concern that our government is falling short of its promise to be of, by, and for us. As special interests and extreme partisans exert increasing power, our government becomes less responsive to the broad citizenry—the people—it is supposed to serve."