Bisterfeldt, Jordan, Thomson Win Boise Council Seats


The Boise city clerk's office is reporting big wins for incumbents Vern Bisterfeldt and Maryanne Jordan and a comfortable victory for TJ Thomson, with all precincts reporting, just prior to midnight.

Bisterfeldt, who told KBOI radio tonight that this would probably be his last term, according to Statesman Opinion Editor Kevin Richert's blog, was the biggest vote getter of the evening. David Honey, who was doing the karaoke thing at the 44 Club tonight, according to Facebook, wished his opponent FB congratulations, though Vern will never see it. Vern does not even know what his own e-mail address is.

Dunham and his running partner, Lucas Baumbach pulled in 3,000-4,000 votes, illustrating the divide between old-school Republicans like Bisterfeldt and the intensely ideological splinter Republicans organized under the Tea Party phenomenon.

David Webb, who did very little campaigning, as far as we could tell, managed to earn 3,000 votes as well. Not sure where those came from ... we'll have to ask him tomorrow.

David Litster, in the highest profile race of the cycle, managed to win 43 percent against Thomson's 57 percent. Thomson ran for the better part of a year for the seat. It remains to be seen if fighting the streetcar is Litster's real passion or if it was mostly an electoral ploy, as Litster is still collecting signatures to put the streetcar up to a vote.

With less than 20 percent voter turnout, It's hard to say if this vote can be read as a referendum on the City Council, much less on Mayor Dave Bieter. But since the majority of candidates positioned themselves as challengers to the status quo, it is telling that the incumbents, and Thomson, who had the mayor's backing, won comfortably.

Here are the final, unofficial results:

City Council Seat #2
Vernon L. Bisterfeldt13,23671.37%
Daniel L. Dunham3,28117.69%
David A. Honey2,02910.94%

City Council Seat #4
David S. Litster8,16242.63%
TJ Thomson10,98457.37%

City Council Seat #6
Lucas Baumbach4,09622.08%
Maryanne Jordan11,33361.08%
David Webb3,12516.84%

Voter Turnout
Ballots Counted (based on precincts reported as of 11:56 pm)19,464
Total Registered Voters (as of 11/02/09)110,749
Voter Turnout (based on precincts reported as of 11:56 pm)17.57%

PS We don't know too much about the Canyon County jail bond, but it's interesting that Canyon County residents appear to have voted for an ACLU law suit. They love the ACLU in Canyon County, right?