Confidence Vote for Streetcar in Cincinnati


Cincinnati voters appear to have defeated a ballot measure that would have forced a vote on a downtown streetcar, essentially giving the city leadership a vote of confidence on the project.

According to, the question is losing 56 to 44 percent, with most of the returns in.

In Charlotte, N.C., a Democrat and streetcar booster also won a narrow victory tonight.

Opposition candidates in Boise, led by David Litster, seized on a similar notion, circulating a petition to force a vote on a streetcar in some future election. It is too early to tell how that issue will affect returns here, with only one precinct reporting, though the anti-streetcar block lost big in absentee voting.

If you are just sitting around waiting for the results to come in, you may want to read our analysis, hot off the press, of a poll question on Boise's streetcar that the Idaho Statesman released on Saturday. The numbers are not what they seem.