11:10 p.m. and Finally Some Numbers


With 29 of 81 Boise precincts reporting, Boise margins are holding fairly steady, though Litster has gained some ground on Thomson.

Boise Public Works spokesman Vince Trimboli, who is on scene at the Ada County Elections Office, which is running the city elections this year, just told citydesk that it took a while to get all the ballots from precincts, after polls closed at 8 p.m. But the ballots are all at the office on Benjamin Lane now and all seven optical scan machines are running.

Incidentally, the county is only counting Boise votes tonight; other Ada County cities have their own abicuses. Abici.

Here's the latest numbers:

City Council Seat #2
Vernon L. Bisterfeldt5,80077.54%
Daniel L. Dunham1,35318.09%
David A. Honey81210.19%

City Council Seat #4
David S. Litster3,27539.73%
TJ Thomson4,96860.27%

City Council Seat #6
Lucas Baumbach1,70521.24%
Maryanne Jordan5,06463.07%
David Webb1,26015.69%