Soakers Steamed Over Hot Pool Reclamation


Many SW Idaho hot springs enthusiasts are upset that the Forest Service is removing a series of cascading pools that a yet unnamed man built at Rocky Canyon Hot Springs near Crouch.

The Forest Service and the Sho-Pai assert that the rock and mortar pools were built illegally and need to go.

Hot springers on a Yahoo! Idaho outdoor listserv and this guy are making calls to try to stop the imminent reclamation of the slope down to the Middle Fork of the Payette.

Channel 7 had a report on Wednesday, followed by the Statesman today:

"Those (hot springs) are still sacred to us - the tribes are a living culture, and we are still protective of our culture ... What we prefer is to leave it in its natural state. Nobody is saying (people) can't go and enjoy themselves at the hot spring. Just leave it natural. It's a spiritually significant site." — Ted Howard, Shoshone-Paiute cultural resources director, Duck Valley